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“Who Are You”
A Resource for Self-Inquiry and Co-Meditation

This beautifully designed set consists of 80 cards with images of original sculptures hand-made by Nöle Giulini.

They are intended to represent emotional or mental states as invented body gestures. Sometimes we have no words for what we are feeling. It might be helpful then to choose an image that expresses your experience and enter into a contemplative self-inquiry with it. Relating to what you are feeling as an object outside of yourself may present a sense of calm, safety, self-confidence and agency. You realize that you are not the experience, but the experience is a temporarily occurring in you.

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The Practice of Welcoming
with Nöle Giulini

2 CD Set with live recordings
of guided Yoga Nidra Meditations

This set is in German.

Here you can order Nöle’s most recent yoga Nidra CDs. Each set consists of two CDs with live recordings from her 2014 workshops in Germany. The cost is $17(including shipping and handling).

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